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Valentine Fun and Games

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Valentine Games and Activities:


Hidden Hearts: Find 10 heart-shaped shadows in each picture before the time runs out.

Line of hearts

Breaking Hearts: Shoot the arrows to break the hearts before they reach the bottom of the board. There is a number beside each heart. That number tells how many arrows it will take to break the heart.

line of hearts

Reuniting Robots: Avoid the obstacles and get the two together again.

Find the Differences: Find seven differences between the two Valentine pictures

Heart Shot: See how many of those passing hearts you can shoot.

Valentine Memory Match: Get a higher score by quickly finding the matches.

Tic Tac Cupid: A game of tic-tac-toe with the computer

Valentine Jigsaw Puzzle: Put the Valentine picture back together again.

Valentine Catch: Catch a Valentine and gain a heart. See how many of the Valentines you can collect. You lose a life for each Valentine that gets away.

Heart Match: Draw a line connecting three or more of the same hearts.

Couples in the Bible Memory Match Game: A Valentine game to play in the Bible Fun Zone.