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Passover MealHolidays: Days Celebrated by Y'shua (Jesus): Shavuot
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Shavuot - Celebrating His Goodness-His Provisions, His Word, His Spirit, His Completeness
Passover Title
Shavuot | The Ten Commandments | Shavuot Games and Puzzles
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Online games and activities and printable resources for Shavuot.

Passover MealAnd you shall observe the feast of weeks, of the first fruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the year's end. ~Exodus 34:22

Shavuot Games and Puzzles

Shavuot Celebration Jigsaw Puzzle: A 64-piece jigsaw puzzle with items related to the Shavuot holiday.

Ruth and Boaz Jigsaw Puzzle: A 20-piece jigsaw puzzle for Shavuot.

Hebrew/English Word Match: Get Moses to the stone tablets by correctly matching the Hebrew word or phrase to its English translation.

Leviticus 23:16 Online Word Search Puzzle

Leviticus 23:17 Online Word Search Puzzle


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