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HTML5 and Java script Christmas games for a variety of devices. animated elf

Christmas Tree Light Up PuzzleChristmas Tree Light Up Puzzle: Now in a HTML5 version. Light up the Christmas tree by rotating the strings and the bulbs.

Santa's FlightSanta's Flight: Have Santa fly on his sled and pick up the presents while avoiding the obstacles.

Christmas Memory Match GameChristmas Memory Match Game: Find the matching Christmas items before time runs out.

Santa Coin GameSanta Coin Collection: Help Santa collect all the coins he can.

Candy in a Line GameCandy in a Line Game: I love candy! And I don't understand why I would want to remove it, other than eat it. Nonetheless, this game requires that you move the candies to 5 or more in a line to remove them from the board.

Ornament Throw GameOrnament Throw: Help Santa throw the ornament at the matching ones in the line before they fall in the well. A match of three or more of the same ornaments will remove them from line.

Ornament Shooter GameOrnament Shooter Game: Remove all the ornaments from the board before they drop to the bottom. Use the ornament to shoot and remove matching ornaments of three or more.

Christmas Gift CatchChristmas Gift Catch: Move the basket around the circle to catch the Christmas presents before they leave the circle.

Nativity Sliding PuzzleThe Nativity Sliding Puzzle: Put the picture of the nativity scene back in its correct order.

Santa's World VisitSanta's World Visits: Have Santa run through the different world scenes while grabbing the presents.

Find the Differences ChristmasFind the Differences: Find 10 differences between the two Christmas pictures.

Santa CrossingSanta Crossing: Help Santa cross the busy streets and collect the coins.

Christmas BreakChristmas Objects Select: Clear the board by selecting groups of two or more objects.

Christmas Breakout GameChristmas Breakout: Keep the ornament bouncing and remove the blocks to see the Christmas card beneath.

Santa's Delivery TruckSanta's Delivery Truck: Help Santa drive the truck and collect as many presents as he can.