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Bible: Bible Verses 4
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Romans 12:12 and Romanos 12:12

Bible Verse  Romans 12:12Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer; ~Romans 12:12

The activity pages for this Bible verse, Romans 12:12, are being provided in pdf files. If you have the pdf plug-in installed, you can print the pdf file from your browser. If not, you can download the pdf to your computer or device. Some activities will have both an English and Spanish version of the Bible verse. For online activities and games with the Bible verse, please visit the Bible Fun Zone. There are word search puzzles for Romans 12:12 in both English and Spanish on the Bible Verse Games page.

You may use the activity pages in any of your printed publications, personal or commercial, provided that all copyright notices are left intact, but the files themselves may not be redistributed electronically. Please enjoy.

Romans 12:12 Nonogram puzzle | Romanos 12:12 Nonogram Puzzle with Spanish words
Nonogram puzzle based on words from the Bible verse, Romans 12:12
Nonogram Puzzles: To solve the nonogram, fill in the empty spaces according to the numbers in the columns and rows headings. The number at the top of the columns tells how many spaces are to be filled in that column, and the number at the left tells how many spaces are to be filled in that row.

A coloring page for the Bible verse Romans 12:12A coloring page for the Bible verse Romanos 12:12 in SpanishRomans 12:12 Coloring Page: Both the English and Spanish verse are in the same .pdf file.

Drop Letter Verses: Rewrite the verses by dropping the letters into their correct position. There's a puzzle for each of the English and Spanish verses.


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