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CornucopiaBible: Bible Verses of Thanksgiving
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Psalm 147:7

Pilgrims SingingSing praises unto the Lord with thanksgiving: Sing praise upon the harp unto our God. ~Psalm 147:7

The resource pages from akidsheart are being provided in pdf files. If you have the pdf plug-in installed, you can print the pdf file from your browser. If not, you can download the pdf to your computer or device and print it from there.

You may use the activity pages in any of your printed publications, personal or commercial, provided that all copyright notices are left intact, but the files themselves may not be redistributed electronically. Please enjoy.

Psalm 92:1 Coloring Page
Psalm 147:7 Coloring Page
: A printable coloring page for the Thanksgiving Bible verse.

Printable Jigsaw Puzzles: Printable puzzles with the Bible verse, Psalm 147:7.

A 20-piece jigsaw puzzle to print and play

and a small 6-piece jigsaw puzzle.



All About Reading Activity Bundle