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Just a fun place to be for kids of all ages! Oh, and lots of free resources for teachers and parents! 
A Kid's Heart is currently going through some changes. The site is almost 20 years old, and I've finally updated it a bit. Some of the resources will be missing, and some new ones will be added. I realized that I had thousands of resources that I have made and/or accumulated within these twenty years, and I couldn't just go through all the thousands of pages and update them easily, so I am redoing the resources and games that I am keeping. If you are looking for a resource that was here before, and it appears to be missing, please check back. I will continue to be adding the items on a regular basis. In the meantime, please enjoy the updated resources available.

Bible Resources
Free Bible Study Resources

(Printables: I'm separating the interactive activities and games from the printables. The printables are geared for teachers and parents, but please feel free to play the games as well!)

Bible Coloring Pages: Hundreds of coloring pages focused on themes, Old and New Testament verses, and the ABC of Bible verses.

Bible Verses: Printable activities and resources for learning the Bible verses.

Bible Printable Puzzles: General Bible knowledge puzzles and printable games.

Bible Fun Zone: Interactive games and puzzles to reinforce and help learn about the Bible

Holiday Teddy Bear with Balloons
Holidays at A Kid's Heart

St. Patrick's Day | Games for St. Patrick's Day |
Printable Resources and Goodies for St. Patrick's Day

Passover mealPesach (Passover) | Passover Printables | Games and Activities for Passover

Printable Resources for the Jewish Holidays:

RoshHashanna | Yom Kippur |
Tu B'Shevat | Purim | Pesach (Passover)
(Some games for these holidays are in the Bible Fun Zone and some are in the selected holiday sections, such as Purim.)

I have to add a link to this site:
What I currently watch when I want to relax and learn: Our Jewish Roots
(And no, I'm not Jewish, but I've been happily grafted in by Christ Jesus.)
And another venue I've started studying:
Torah Class. I'm excited to start the studies, and I hope the time spent learning is reflected in my resources here.