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For the puzzle and trivia loving- I've made or put together some interactive Bible puzzles and games on general Bible knowledge. More trivia, but not trivial, games are coming!

A Bible quiz trivia game
with 100 questions. Whew...!

Bingo CardsOnline Bingo Cards- People of the Old Testament
: Send your students or group to the link. Each one will have a randomly generated card. Click on the name of the person on the card when the clue is called. This game can be played in a virtual or face-to-face class.

Bingo Caller I made a Bingo Caller for the People of the Old Testament Cards: It randomly provides the clues, as well as the list of people called, to identify the people on the cards. I truly have fun with these games, and I hope you enjoy them as well!

Guess the letters to each of the words to spell it out.
Books of the Old Testament | Books of the New Testament

Online Word Search Puzzles: Find the words hidden in the puzzle.
Books in the Old Testament | Books in the New Testament
Old Testament Places | New Testament Places
People in the New Testament

Interactive crossword puzzle to play online.
People in the Old Testament Crossword Puzzle