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Cartoon SquirrelSquirrel Appreciation Day!
January 21

Yep, you read it right. This is a day to appreciate those cute little rodents. National Squirrel Appreciation Day was founded by Christy Hargrove in 2001 in affliation with the Western North Carolina Nature Center. I live in an area where squirrels thrive. They run and scamper througout my yard all year long, sometimes they even scamper up on my roof, they dig up and eat the flower bulbs that I plant in fall, and they absolutely prevent me from feeding the birds. No matter what contraption I buy to prevent them from getting into the bird feeders, they're clever enough to swing themselves over and get in the feeders somehow. Even with all their mischief, they're fun to watch, and I'm glad I have them around. If you live in a northern climate where food is scarce in the winter, consider setting some food out for these bushy-tailed rodents.

I've put together some printable activities and resources about these Sciuridae rodents as well as some games and puzzles in recognition of Squirrel Appreciation Day and to introduce others to their special day.

Squirrel Coloring PageSciuridae, Shade-Tail page to print and color.

Acorn MazeAcorn Maze: Get the squirrel through the acorn maze to get the nut.

Write-On Squirrel ShapeA printable write-on squirrel to cut out. These write-on shapes can be used for various lessons and activities.

Cloze Reading Passage about SquirrelsA Bit About Squirrels: A reading cloze activity about squirrels. Correctly fill in the blanks with the words listed in the word bank.

Change a Word ActivityGnaw-A-Word. Change the word "GNAWS" to "TEETH" in six steps by changing one letter at a time. Hints are provided.

Squirrels for all seasonsA Squirrel for All Seasons: Printable clip art of a squirrel for each season. These pictures are in a pdf file and can only be printed.