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Some Online Games, Activities, and Puzzles with Frogs

A thumbnail link to a bug-catching frog gameA Bug-Catching Frog Game: Help the frog catch as many bugs as he can within the given amount of time. Use the hour glass to get more time and the light bulbs to attract the insects.

The Adventure of the Crossing Frog: Help the frog get across the street and the river to get to the coves.

GrabAFly: Help the frog grab the bugs that are flying around without losing all his energy.

Shooter Frog: This frog is shooting different colored tadpoles in bubbles out of his cannon. Get 3 or more of the same colored tadpoles touching to eliminate them.

An image linking to an online Leap Frog gameLeap Frog Game: Get all the green frogs on the right to the three logs on the left, and get all the brown frogs on the left to the three logs on the right.

Some Leap Year Games and Activities with Frogs: Comes Around Every Four Years!