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Thinking Addition Arithmetic with Whole Numbers:
Addition and Subtraction

Addition Ball GameAddition and Subtraction Games: Play some online Math games

Printable Additon Worksheets:
Make and print Math worksheets

Addition Facts Printable Worksheets
Addition Facts Worksheets:
Click on the "Generate Worksheet" Button to make the additon facts worksheet.

Addition Worksheet
Addition Worksheets: Click on the "Generate Worksheet" Button to make the additon facts worksheet. Click the "Print" button to print the worksheet. Click on the Name box to make and print the answer sheet. All these worksheets include addition with regrouping.

Two Digits Addition | Three Digits Addition | Four Digits Addition






Picture Addtion Worksheets:
Pick a picture and position them on the worksheet. There is a place for the students to write the addition statement and answer.

Adding Pumpkins Worksheet
Make a Pumpkin Addition Worksheet
| Make a Gingerbread Man Addition or Subtracting Worksheet
Make a Bee Addition or Subraction Worksheet

Printable Addition Kakuro Puzzles
Prinable Kakuro Puzzles
Random Small Addition Puzzle
| Random Kakuro Addition Puzzle

Printable Worksheet Makers
Arithmetic with up to 2-digit numbers | Arithmetic with up to 6-digit numbers
Also includes time, place value, and worksheets for other math objectives


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