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TrianglesFun Math Clip Art: Free graphics and images of toon apple digits, funny faced shapes, toon telephone teaching 9-1-1, and other clip art to use for early Math.

Shadow Shape MatchShapes: Activites and online games with geometric shapes.

Printable Worksheet of Color PatternsColor Patterns Printable Worksheets: Circle the butterfly or flower that comes next.
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Monkey Early Math

More or Less GameComparisons: Online Games and Activities and Printable Worksheets comparing objects in sets, one-to-one correspondences, more and less, and sizes. Supplements early math curriculums when comparing using varied vocabulary including few and many, more or less, bigger and smaller, biggest and smallest, and short and long. Most printable worksheets include a colored version for personal use and a black and white version which is suitable for printing and copying for a classroom.

Apple Count GameCounting: Online counting games and printable resources to reinforce counting skills. Teachers can make their own counting worksheets by selecting the page for the object they want to have the students count and merely clicking on the worksheet to add the object on the page.

Number Words Memory Math Game
Number Words:
Printable Puzzles and Online Games recognizing number words up to ten.

Writing the Number 3Writing: Printable worksheets writing the ten digits.

Cartoon Apple Coloring PageColoring Pages: Printable toon coloring pages.

Cut and Paste GirlCutting and Pasting: Printable worksheets of shapes and pictures to cut and paste.
Cut and Paste Circle FourthsCut and Paste Shapes Cut and Paste MermaidCut and Paste Pictures

Math Worksheet Maker to Download: Makes Counting and Writing Digits Worksheet