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Greatest Common Factor GameGreatest Common Factor: Move your game piece around the board and to the barn by finding the Greatest Common Factor of two given numbers. (HTML5 game)

Farmer Cat and PumpkinMultiplication Facts Picture Puzzles: Get the multpilcation facts correct and reveal the autumn picture. There is a separate puzzle for each set of facts from 2 to 12. (HTML 5)

Candy Corn Addition MatchCandy Corn Additon Memory Match Game: Match the correct addition expression with the sum of candy corn. (Flash)

Autumn SudokuAutumn Sudoku: A sudoku puzzle with fall objects. (Flash)

Trick or Treat GameThe Trick or Treat Game: Using the shortest route possible, go to each house in the neighborhood and back again. (Flash game)

Thanksgiving Dinner Problem Thanksgiving Dinner Problem: Arrange everyone at the Thanksgiving dinner table according to their preferences.