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Other Watermelon Resources

Watermelon Picture Prompt Story Starter - Write a story about the picture. The worksheet provides a place for the teacher to type in a vocabulary list before printing. The pages will print to the size of the paper and is proportional to the following Printer Settings:
Portrait (Regular lengthwise page) or Landscape(Width orientated page for the younger kids.)

The National Watermelon Board - The place to learn about watermelons. Provides additional resources and activities for kids and teachers.

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dancing watermelon
Happy National Watermelon Day (August 3)
Watermelon  Slice


Now that many schools are starting the year in the first week of August, the middle of summer, a watermelon theme is a fun way to provide a summer learning experience during the midst of this hot season.

Watermelon Seeds Worksheets
Use these printable worksheets for counting exercises.
Blank seed counter mat - Print out the sheet and use real watermelon seeds to count.

Add a Seed Worksheet Maker - Add as many seeds as you want to the printable worksheet by clicking on the watermelon slice.

Printable Lined Watermelon Shape for reports, stories, stationery, notepad, etc.
Watermelon Shape Page 1
Watermelon Shape Page 2

Watermelon Row Swapping PuzzleWatermelon Row Swapping Puzzle - Swap the rows and columns of the scrambled picture to solve the puzzle.

Watermelon Row Swapping Puzzle9-Piece Watermelon Tile Swap Puzzle - Swap the puzzle pieces to put the picture back together.
36-Piece Tile Swap Puzzle

Watermelon EmoticonWatermelon Clip Art- Cartoon images of watermelons