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1. The Persian king who took Esther as queen was ...





2. The events in the Book of Esther took place in what city?





3. Esther was made queen after this queen refused to appear before the king upon his command.





4. Modecai instructed Ester to ...

    not marry the king since he was not a Jew.

    return to Judah.

    not reveal that she was a Jew.

    All of the above

5. When the king chose Esther as queen, he made a holiday called ...

    The Feast of the Queens.

    The Wedding Feast.

    The Feast of Esther.

    The Feast of the Jews.

6. Why did Haman become angry with Mordecai?

    Mordecai owed Haman money.

    Mordecai told lies on Haman.

    Mordecai injured Haman's brother.

    Mordecai refused to bow and pay homage to Haman.

7. Who was the accuser of God's people before the king?





8. During which Jewish month is Purim celebrated?





9. Pur, or lots, were cast to determine the date when which of the following would occur?

    Esther would marry the king.

    The Jews would be destroyed.

    The Jews would be sold as slaves.

    Mordecai would be made prince.

10. What was Esther's concern about approaching the king for help for her people?

    Approaching the king without being summoned could result in death.

    The king did not like Esther.

    The king was embarrassed because Esther was not Persian.

    Esther did not like the king.

11. What did Esther do before going to the king for help?

    Wrote and rehearsed her speech

    Had new clothes made for the occasion

    Fasted for three days

    Visited relatives for advise and encouragement

12. What did Haman plan on doing to Mordecai?

    Hang him on the gallows he had made for him.

    Have him marry his sister.

    Have him put in prison and then transported to Judah.

    Have him rewarded for his courage.

13. What happened to Haman?

    He was sent to Persepolis.

    He was rewarded with great wealth.

    He was hanged on the gallows that he had built.

    He was sent to fight in the Persian-Greek wars.

14. Why did the king not revoke the decree to destroy the Jews?

    He really wanted the Jews destroyed.

    The decree had been sealed with his ring and could not legally be revoked.

    The king did not want to be bothered.

    The king wanted the Jews to practice their fighting skills.

15. What did the king do to help prevent the Jews from being destroyed?

    Hid them in his castle

    Sent them to Jerusalem

    Sent guards to protect them

    Had Mordecai send a decree instructing them to defend themselves


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