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Looking for our HTML5 and java script Christmas games? They're here just waiting to be played on a variety of devices.

Flying Santa Flying Santa: Have the reindeer jump on the seesaw and send Santa flying with a present to the chimney.

Scratch and Guess Scratch and Guess: Scratch off as much of the Christmas object as you can and guess the puzzle.

Santa and the Elves Snowball Fight Santa and the Elves Snowball Fight: Santa and the elves are having a fun snowball fight. Aim at the elves in the trees before they splat you.

Whack a Grinch Game
Use the mouse to whack the grinches as they pop up.

Elf Tipping Over Elf Tip:  Help keep the elf from tipping over!

Ornament Maze Christmas Maze: Maze game with a Christmas theme.

Ornament Maze Ornament Maze: Use the arrow keys to get the ornament through the maze and to the star.

Christmas Row Swapping Puzzle Row Swapping Puzzle: Solve the puzzle by swapping the rows and the columns of the scrambled picture.

Christmas Row Swapping Puzzle
9-Piece Tile Swapping Puzzle
Put the picture back together by swapping the pieces of the puzzle.
36-Piece Christmas Tile Swap Puzzle

Santa Shooting Basketball Santa Hoops Game: Help Santa shoot the basketball.