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Word Magnets - Phonics Reinforcement and Sentence Building Exercise

Use the phonics and sight words to make sentences. See how many sentences you can make about each picture.

You can also play the word magnets with a friend.

Keep score and add a point for each good sentence that each player makes. After you make the sentence, scramble the words and let your friend try making a different one.


One player places a word in the yellow rectangle. The next player builds the sentence by adding another word. Players take turn adding words until they have written a good sentence.

Vowels and Sight Words:

Short Vowel Words (One Syllable Words):

Short A SoundsShort a | Short E Sounds Short e | Short I Sound Short i

Short O Sounds Short o | Short U Sounds Short u

Long Vowel Words (Two Vowels Rule):

Long A SoundLong a | Long E Sound Long e | Long I Sounds Long i

Long O Sound Long o | Long U Sound Long u


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