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Photo Rubik Cube Puzzle
Other Puzzles and Games made with Photos

Row Swapping PuzzlesGames and Puzzles:
Rows and Columns Swapping Puzzles:
Swap the rows and columns of the pictures to solve the puzzles.

Holidays and Seasonal Row Swapping Puzzles

Amusement Park Row Swapping PuzzleAmusement Park Puzzle
Clown Row Swapping PuzzleClown Row Swapping Puzzle
Mermaid Row Swapping PuzzleMermaid Puzzle
Teddy Bear Day Row Swapping PuzzleTeddy Bear Day Puzzle
Watermelon Row Swapping PuzzleWatermelon Puzzle

Bible Theme Row Swapping Puzzles

Noah and the Ark Row Swapping PuzzleNoah and the Ark Puzzle
Daniel in the Lion's Den Row Swapping PuzzleDaniel and The Lions' Den Puzzle


Animals Row Swapping Puzzles
Red Panda Row Swapping PuzzleRed Panda Puzzle
Dolphin Row Swapping PuzzleDolphin Puzzle
Humpback Row Swapping PuzzleHumpback Whale Puzzle
Sea Turtle  Row Swapping PuzzleSea Turtle Puzzle
Sea Horse Row Swapping PuzzleSea Horse Puzzle
Shark Row Swapping PuzzleShark Puzzle
Fish Row Swapping PuzzleFish Puzzle
Butterfly Row Swapping PuzzleButterfly Puzzle
Ladybug Row Swapping PuzzleLadybug Puzzle
Honey Bees Row Swapping PuzzleHoney Bees Puzzle

Math Games and Resources

Thinking Math STORY - IT
Stories to read, stories to write, story starters, word games, nursery rhymes, printable coloring pages, picture prompts, and more resources for language arts.
Mother Goose   Photo Resources
Animal, plants, flowers, and scenic photos for your projects.
Skunk Photo


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