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Animated Sukkot Puzzles
Hag Samei'akh Puzzle
The Time of Our Rejoicing Jigsaw

Rosh Hashanah Puzzles

Honey and Apples
Honey Bear and Apples

Honey and Apples

Honey Bear and Apples


Photo Puzzles at akidsphoto.com

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Pictures Jigsaw Puzzles
: 12, 20, and 42-piece Flash jigsaw puzzles.

Photo Sliding Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Pictures Sliding Jigsaw Puzzles
: 9, 12, 20, and 30-piece sliding puzzles

Photo Rubik Cube Puzzle
Other Puzzles and Games made with Photos

  Toon Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Games and Puzzles:
Smaller Puzzles for the Smaller Ones
Holidays Jigsaw Puzzles

Birthday Jigsaw Puzzles
Birthday Puzzles

Happy Birthday Jigsaw
Toon Animals Birthday
Birthday Cake
Victorian Birthday Card

Christmas and Winter Angel Puzzles
Christmas and Winter Jigsaw Puzzles

Christmas and Winter Toon Angels Jigsaw and Sliding Puzzles

The Nativity Jigsaw Puzzles:
The Manger
A Multitude of Angels
The Wisemen
The Nativity Sliding Jigsaw Puzzles
The Manger
A Multitude of Angels
The Wisemen

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles
Cottage and Reindeer
Toon Elf Jigsaw Puzzle
Snowman and Squirrels
Elf Carrying Presents
Penguins Christmas
Christmas Room Jigsaw
Elf and Gingerbread
Toon Elves with Presents
Santa and Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus and Bird Jigsaw
Brown Bear
Toon Squirrel
Toon Christmas Elf Jigsaw
Fawns Playing in the Snow
Girl with Bird Jigsaw

Ephesians 2:8 Jigsaw or Sliding Puzzle

Victorian Christmas and Winter Angel Jigsaw and Sliding Puzzle

Victorian Angel New Year's Jigsaw Puzzle or New Year's Sliding Puzzle
Winter Angel with Snowman Jigsaw or Sliding Puzzle

Victorian Christmas cat
Victorian Christmas Cats

Christmas Kitten Puzzle 1:  
 Jigsaw or Sliding
Christmas Kitten Puzzle 2:
 Jigsaw or Sliding
Christmas Kitten Puzzle 3:
 Jigsaw or Sliding
Christmas Kitten Puzzle 4:
 Jigsaw or Sliding
Christmas Kitten Puzzle 5:
 Jigsaw or Sliding

Gingerbread Man and Candy Cane
Gingerbread Men Jigsaw Puzzles

Snowman in Winter Park
Snowmen Jigsaw Puzzles:


Easter Jigsaw Puzzle
Easter Jigsaw Puzzles

Animated CrossCross Puzzle 1
Animated Cross Easter Cross Jigsaw Puzzle 2 or Sliding Jigsaw Puzzle
Animated CrossEaster Cross Jigsaw Puzzle 3 or Sliding Jigsaw Puzzle
Toon Easter Scene
Toon Easter Angel

Cross in Egg
Toon Duck with Basket

Easter Card Jigsaw Puzzle 

Easter Angel Puzzles
Easter Angel Jigsaws and Sliding Puzzles

Exodus 14:14 Jigsaw or Sliding Jigsaw
Exodus 12:23 Jigsaw or Sliding Jigsaw
I Corinthians 10:16 Jigsaw or Sliding Jigsaw

Autumn and Halloween Puzzles
Scarecrow Jigsaw Puzzle

Scarecrow Puzzle 1
Scarecrow Puzzle 2
Scarecrow Puzzle 3
Scarecrow Puzzle 4
Scarecrow Puzzle 5
Scarecrow Puzzle 6
Scarecrow Puzzle 7

Autumn Scene Puzzle 1
Autumn Scene Puzzle 2

Gathering Grain Jigsaw
Happy Harvest Jigsaw Puzzle

Toon Puzzles
Animated Owl Jigsaw or Sliding
Toon Jack-0-Latern
Toon Haunted House

Animated Lion
Father's Day Puzzles
Animated King of the Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle
In Honor of the Man Jigsaw or Sliding Puzzle
Fishing Jigaw Puzzle

4th of July Puzzles
Waving Flag Jigsaw Puzzle

Patriotic Angel
Patriotic Teddy Bear
Animated Waving Flag
Animated Rotating Star

Patriotic Jigsaw Puzzles made with Victorian graphics. (Java applets)
Jigsaw Puzzle 1 |
Jigsaw Puzzle 2

Happy Birthday America


Mother's Day Jigsaw Puzzles
Mother's Day Puzzles

Flowers and Teapot Jigsaw Puzzle
Mother's Helper Jigsaw or Sliding
Mom and Baby Jigsaw or Sliding
Girl with Doll Jigsaw or Sliding

President Jigsaw Puzzles:
George Washington or Abraham Lincoln

St Patrick's Day Puzzle
St. Patrick's Day Jigsaw Puzzles
Animated Jigsaw Puzzle
St Patrick's Day Fairy: Jigsaw or Sliding Puzzle
Leprechaun Jigsaw Puzzle
Girl Leprechaun Jigsaw
Jigsaw Greeting

Valentine Jigsaw Puzzles
Valentine Jigsaw Puzzles:
Animated Heart Jigsaw or Sliding
Animated Cupid Jigsaw orSliding

Animated Giggles Jigsaw: or Sliding
Animated Bee Mine Jigsaw Puzzle or Sliding Puzzle
Toon Kids with Hearts
Teddy Bears Jigsaw
Candy Box and Roses

I John 4:11 Jigsaw

Victorian Angels and Cherubs Puzzles

Toon Pilgrim Kids
Thanksgiving Jigsaw and Sliding Puzzles

Toon Pilgrim Kids Jigsaw Puzzle
Toon Pilgrim Girl with Turkey Dinner Jigsaw Puzzle
Wild Turkey in the Woods Puzzle
Pilgrim Jigsaw or Sliding Puzzle
Pilgrim Greeting Puzzles: Jigsaw or Sliding
Turkey in Wreath Greeting Puzzle: Jigsaw or Sliding

I Thessalonians 5:18 Jigsaw or Sliding
Psalm 147:7 Jigsaw or Sliding
Colossians 3:17 Jigsaw or Sliding

Grandparent's Day
Grandparents' Day Jigsaw Puzzle
Grandma's House 30-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Grandma's House 20-Piece Sliding Puzzle

Animated Driedel
Menorah Jigsaw Puzzle


Math Games and Resources

Thinking Math STORY - IT
Stories to read, stories to write, story starters, word games, nursery rhymes, printable coloring pages, picture prompts, and more resources for language arts.
Mother Goose   Photo Resources
Animal, plants, flowers, and scenic photos for your projects.
Skunk Photo


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