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BibleBible Games to Download

When I started this site, I made little games as a learning tool to help memorize Bible verses. I still post these games with the corresponding Featured Bible Verses . I upload these verses on a regulary basis, but I've decided to include the mini Bible games here. Note: Some of the games no longer work on Windows 7.


The empty tombActs 13:30 - Click on the words to the Bible verse as they scroll up from behind the tomb. (361 kb a1330.exe)

Galatians 6:9 Jigsaw Puzzle A windows jigsaw puzzle. (267 kb gal69pzl.exe)

II Corinthians 6:18 Play this game and put the words to the Bible verse by clicking on the kid who's holding the words that come next. (423 kb IIC618.exe)

animated heartI John 4:8 Earn a word to the Bible verse by counting the critters shown in the playing area. (1.02 MB ijhn48p.exe)

heartI John 4:19 Play this game by sending your little heart to the big one on the screen. (438 kb IJohn419.exe)

Job 27:4 Click on the bouncing balls that have the words to the Bible verse while avoiding the mouths. (400 kb job274p.exe)

stoneLeviticus 22:31 Help the squirrel catch the Ten Commandments as they come down Avoid getting hit by the blank stones. (827 kb lv2231.exe)

starMark 13 :31 As the stars appear, click on the ones with the words to the Bible verse (385 kb mk1331.exe)

Proverbs 14:34 Build a community by clicking on the words to the Bible verse as they scroll upward. (351 kb pr1434.exe)

Blinking starPsalm 14:83 Starlight Math - Earn a word from the Bible verse by counting and adding the stars. (734 kb ps1483p.exe)

Psalm 23:1 A little jigsaw puzzle for the first verse of the 23rd Psalm. (181 kb ps23_1jp.exe)

Proverbs 22:2 A jigsaw puzzle featuring Proverbs 22:2 - "The rich and poor meet together: The Lord is the Maker of them all." (181 kb pv22_2pzl.exe)

Romans 13:10 Another jigsaw puzzle for Romans 13:10. (233 kb rm13_10pzl.exe)

ABCsABC Bible Coloring Book A coloring book of Bible ABCs.

appleCreation Design Drag and drop the pictures to design a creation scene. (1.02 MB creationdrag.exe)

Math Games and Resources

Thinking Math STORY - IT
Stories to read, stories to write, story starters, word games, nursery rhymes, printable coloring pages, picture prompts, and more resources for language arts.
Mother Goose   Photo Resources
Animal, plants, flowers, and scenic photos for your projects.
Skunk Photo

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