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Daniel in the lion's den

A printable jigsaw puzzle of Daniel and the lionsA printable jigsaw puzzle of Daniel and the lions: Print the puzzle pieces on cardstock and cut to play. You can also print the puzzle on regular paper and glue to cardboard before cutting.

A lion's head paper plate craftMake a paper plate lion's head.

Daniel and the lion's den word scramble gameDaniel and the lion's den word scramble game: Unscramble the words about Daniel and the lion's den.


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Daniel in the Lion's Den

Now the king spoke and said unto Daniel, Your God whom you serve continually, He will deliver you.
~Daniel 6:16b

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Printable resources for teachers about Daniel and the lion's den: These files are in the pdf format and may be printed directly from your device or downloaded to be printed for later use. The Bible study resources from akidsheart.com may be used for your family, bible study group, Sunday or Sabbath School, and in the classroom. They may also be used in any printed publication, including church bulletins, as well as commercial printed products, provided that all copyright notices are left intact. The items may not be redistributed electronically. Thank you in your interest in these resources about Noah and the ark. Please enjoy.

Daniel in the lion't den coloring pageDaniel in the lion's den coloring page

Daniel 6:16b printable coloring pageAnother coloring page of Daniel with the lions and the Bible verse Daniel 6:16b

Daniel 6:16b cryptogram puzzleDaniel in the lion's den cryptogram puzzle: A printable puzzle to decode the Bible verse Daniel 6:16b.