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MangerThe Christmas Story Quiz: An interactive quiz on the birth of the Christ.

The Christmas Story Word Search PuzzleThe Nativity Word Search Puzzle: An interactive word search puzzle

The Nativity Crossword PuzzleA Crossword Puzzle about the Nativity: An interactive crossword puzzle

Flash Puzzles: Jigsaw and Sliding Puzzles
Nativity Jigsaw Puzzle
The Manger: Jigsaw or Sliding Puzzle |
4-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
A Multitude of Angels: Jigsaw or Sliding Puzzle |
4-Piece Jigsaw
The Wise men: Jigsaw of Sliding Puzzle |
4-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Bible Resources: The Nativity Games and Puzzles
Interactive activities for the Christmas Story

The Nativity: Printable Resources

Games and Puzzles:
Sliding Puzzles: Put the jumbled pictures back in order. After the first puzzle is solved, another one appears. There are four different puzzles to solve.

Nativity Memory MatchNativity Memory Match: Match the pictures to clear the board. There are nine levels and the number of pictures increases at each level.

Nativity Bible Verse Word Sort PuzzleNativity Bible Verses Word Sort: Choose the word or word phrase that comes next in the Bible verse to reveal a piece of the picture puzzle. The reference of the Bible verse is not given.
There are three Bible verse puzzles to play:
Word Sort Puzzle 1: Word Sort Puzzle 2: Word Sort Puzzle 3

Nativity SceneA Nativity Scene: Drag and drop to arrange the Nativity Scene.

Christmas HangmanThe Christmas Story Hangman: You have 10 guesses to determine the word related to the Christmas story.