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Psalm 56:3 Hidden WordsPsalm 56:3 Hidden Words Game: Click on the picture to find the words from the Bible verse hidden in the picture.

Arrange the Bible VerseI John 4:11 Arrange the verse. Put the words to the Bible verse in the correct order.

Find the Differences GAmePsalm 92:1 Find 7 differences between the two pictures.

Bible Verse Cryptogram GameI Thessalonians 5:18 Bible Verse Cryptogram: Decode the Bible verse by typing the letters in the decoding key.

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Bible Verse Games and ActivitiesBible
Interactive activities, games, and puzzles for Bible memory verses.

Hidden Word GameActs 13:30: Hidden Word Game
Find the words to the Bible verse hidden in the picture. (HTML 5)

Bible Verse Jigsaw Puzzle Hebrews 13:1 Jigsaw Game: Move the pieces to put the picture back in place. (HTML 5)

Word Search Puzzle Game
John 11:25 Word Search Puzzle
: Find the words to the Bible verse hidden in the puzzle. (HTML 5)

Matthew 9:37 Harvest GameMatthew 9:37 Harvest Game: Click on the produce with the word that comes next in the Bible verse.

John 3:30 1Correct the Picture Activity: Just a simple little activity, change the picture by choosing the correct word for the verse.