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Bible Bookmarks

Design and Print Your Own Bible Bookmark

Items Needed:


  1. Choose a color for your bookmark
  2. Use your mouse to drag the pictures and words onto the bookmark.
  3. Print and cut out the bookmark. It's better to print on card stock, but if you can't you can always glue your bookmark to construction paper or cardboard to make it stronger. Some of our Netscape users may not be able to print the finished bookmark. If you can't print the bookmark with your designs, we made some already done for you. Although, I'm sure they're not as pretty as the ones you made, just choose the "Premade" option.
  4. Use a hole punch to punch out the hole at the top of the bookmark. Ask an adult to help you cut out the hole, if you do not have a hole punch.
  5. Loop the ribbon, yarn, or a tassel through the hole and gently fasten off by either tying or looping.

Choose a Color:

Premade and ready to Print

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