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Bible Puzzles to Bible
Print and Play

These are word puzzles with various Biblical themes and holidays to print and play. I have finally updated the puzzles to the pdf format, so you will need a pdf viewer. You can print the puzzles right from the browser or download them and print them later.

The printable Bible puzzles are all free and can be used in your printed projects, personal or commercial. Please just keep all copyright notices intact and do not redistribute electronically. They may be freely used in church bulletins and newsletters.
Please enjoy.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzle
Bible Crossword Puzzle
s: Crossword puzzles about a variety of Biblical themes, including holiday themes.


The Beatitudes Word Search PuzzleBible Word Search Puzzles: Some of the puzzles don't have word lists. Instead, clues are provided and the words have to be determined from the given clues. There are word search puzzles for the holidays as well as various themes of the Bible.