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First and Last Things

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1. First musician
3. This Mary was the first to see the risen Christ
5. The last Adam was made a quickening _______.
7. First nomad
8. First Murderer
9. First Book of the Bible
12. Seek this first: the __________ of God
14. The first Adam was a living _____.
15. First murder victim
17. Last Book of the Bible
20. At the last ______, the dead shall be raised
21. First Book of the New Testament
23. Last enemy to be destroyed
24. The First and the Last


2. First Jewish High Priest
4. The place of the first animal sacrifice
6. First rainbow came after the great _______
8. Honor your Father and Mother is the first _______ with promise
9. He rested on the first Sabbath
10. First king of Israel
11. The last celebration of the Passover by Jesus with His disciples is called the Last _______.
13. Built the first altar
14. These shall come in the last days, walking after their own lust
16. Many that are first shall be ________.
18. First to build a city
19. First man
22. First woman

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