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    Toon Ladybug Ladybugs  

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Ladybugs and Sunflower
Ladybug Clip Art: Images of ladybugs, flowers, and fairies

Little ladybugLadybug Mazes:
Maze 1: Help Miss Ladybug get to her house by clicking on the arrows. (Javascript)
Maze 2: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to the ladybug through the maze and to her house. (Flash)

Aphids on the Loose Game
Aphid on the Loose Game:
Ladybugs love to eat aphids, which makes them a very useful insect. In this game, however, get the aphid to eat all the flowers without touching a ladybug.

Off the Edges Game
5 Ladybugs in a Line Game:
Remove the ladybugs by lining up 5 of the same color.


Word Search Puzzle about Ladybugs: Printable puzzle

Ladybug DressupLadybug Dress Up Game: Make your own coloring page. Dress the ladybug, design the scene, and print your picture to color.

Printable Coloring Page of Ladybugs

Ladybug craftPrintable Ladybug Craft: Print the parts on card stock or tag board, cut, and glue or tape the pieces together.

Life cycle of the ladybugPrintable Worksheet and Coloring Page: Label the life cycle of the ladybug and color the picture. Solution to the worksheet.

Ladybugs on Flowers
Jigsaw Puzzles: Move the puzzle pieces back in place. Use the space bar to rotate the pieces.
Animated Ladybug Climbing up a Flower | 4-Piece Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle of Ladybugs on Flowers | 4-Piece Puzzle
Animated Flying Ladybird on Flowers
| 4-Piece Puzzle

Ladybugs on Flowers
Ladybug Row Swapping Puzzle
: Solve the puzzle by swapping the rows and the columns of the scrambled pictures of ladybugs.

Off the Edges Game
Ladybugs Off the Edge Game
: Keep the ladybugs off the edges of the game area.

Morph A Word Puzzle: Change the word "Lady" to "Bugs" in 4 steps
Printable Puzzle and Solution

Write On Ladybug Shape: Print, cut, and write. Use the write on shapes for bulletin boards, stationery, lessons, word lists, shape books, etc.

Ladybug, Ladybug Nursery Rhyme: Printable Rhyme with printable clip art for story telling.
Finish the Rhyme: Finish the rhyme with your own version. Type online and print or print to have the students write the rhyme.

Counting Spots Worksheet Maker:
Click on the ladybug's shell to add spots to make a counting worksheet. Black and White or Colored Math Page

Ladybugs Times 2 GameLadybugs Times Tables:
Multiply the number of ladybugs by the number of spots on her back to find the total number of spots on each card. Find the number that matches the answer
Times Two | Times Three | Times 4 | Times 5

Write a Report on Ladybugs: Use the printable paper with an image of ladybugs to write a report.


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Stories to read, stories to write, story starters, word games, nursery rhymes, printable coloring pages, picture prompts, and more resources for language arts.
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Animal, plants, flowers, and scenic photos for your projects.
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