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Cowgirl and hawk

Birds in the US Deserts

Red-Tailed Hawk



Red-tailed hawk
Does the hawk fly by your wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south? ~Job 39:26

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Some of the graphics of the desert birds were made with 3d content by Lyne Masamitsu.


Found throughout North America, the Red-tailed Hawk lives and breeds in a variety of habitats, preferring high nesting places in open areas, including fields, plains, forest edges, scrub lands, and deserts. The hawks nest in isolated high trees, on cliff ledges, or in manmade structures. This bird is easily identified by the plain red coloring on the underside of its tail.

Red-tailed Hawk desert cliffs

Coloring and Information Page on the Red-tailed Hawk.
The Red-tailed Hawk is a North American bird of prey, or raptor, of the Buetos genera. It is the largest hawk and is the most common hawk in America. There are more than a dozen sub-species of this bird, grouped by geographical regions, colors, and markings.

Printable Word Game
Write the term that best describes the word or phrase. Rearrange the letters in the circles to finish the statement about the Red-tailed Hawk. Solution to the word puzzle.

Printable Report Page
Write a report on Red-Tailed Hawks. Printable paper with a graphical insert.
Information on the Red-tailed Hawk -
Animal Fact Sheet

The Hawk Conservancy Trust
Animal Diversity Web from the University of Michigan

Desktop Wallpaper
Red-tailed Hawk Flying
Hawk on Fence

Photo of Red-tailed Hawk
Picture of a hawk sent in by the Manjarez family.

Animated Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzle of Red-tailed Hawk on fence post
Animated Jigsaw Puzzle

Photo Puzzle of Red-tailed Hawk Perched


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